Car Insurance Secrets

2009 Edition Soft Cover

The "How To" Book for Car Owners
That Keeps You in the Driver's Seat

Ron Alford


Take this one question test.

When this happens to your car, what would you do first?

Click Here for an Explanation

If your first or only course of action is to call your insurance company
for advice or help, you have just walked directly into their Claim Trap

Yes, you do have insurance, but. NOW WHAT?

Click here for what you should do first

Unfortunately, most people think that insurers are in business to help victims. They are not!

Insurance companies have no financial interest whatsoever in helping you to collect money from them or to have your car repaired quickly or safely by high quality restoration shops. To the contrary, insurers and their Agents use every secret and trick they can to make you buy high priced insurance. Then when you become a victim their only mission is to lower their costs at your expense of money and TIME.

Car Insurance Secrets is about the tricks and secrets you must know in order to buy the right insurance, from the right companies as well as having a smart recovery plan in place to recover from any mishap quickly and easily. This book is a step by step manual on how to manage your insurance portfolio as well as a Vehicle Accident Management Plan.

Buying car insurance can be as easy as signing a check Yet, collecting thousands of dollars from an insurer can take months of your time and give you mountains of aggravation when you don't understand the "Claim Game" and how it is played by insurers and certain repair shops. 

If you only know to call them first, the insurer has enormous advantage against you because you don't know the game and none of the rules.

Below is just one letter from a reader.

Dear Ron:

After suffering a wreck and not having a Wreck Management Recovery Plan like you teach, I had no choice but to call the insurer's Agent for information on how to get my car repaired. I followed her suggestion to go to the insurers recommended repair company.

After 34 days in the shop and still no car, I was complaining to a friend of mine and she recommended that I get and read your book from cover to cover which I did.

With my newfound power of being consumer educated and not insurer trained, I was able to call the adjuster and the collision repair company and clearly present my case. They both instantly got the message that they could no longer pull the wool over my eyes and things started happening. I got my car back in 3 days.

Moreover, when I signed the repair bill, I took your good advice and wrote "Paid in Protest" on my credit card receipt and the invoice.

Since then, I took my car to another repair shop your office recommended to have the alleged repairs documented. Today I am sending the insurer a bill for diminished value for substandard repairs for $2,325.51.

What would I have done without the advice of Ron Alford the DISASTER MASTER ® .

Thank you so much, you will never know how much you have helped me to take charge of my affairs. With your worldly advice I can use this information with almost any service provider or contractor. Look out doctors, lawyers etc..

Roxanne Marx
Los Angles CA

The time to learn what insurers to trust and those to avoid is today, not after the wreck


If you own a vehicle of any kind, Car Insurance Secrets is where you will learn the best kept secrets of insurance companies, their agents, glass and collision repair shops, and how to play their unique game and come out a winner.

To see how well informed you are about the WHATs and HOWs of insurance and to do them in the RIGHT sequence, answer these questions today while you have the time and are stress free.

  • Who trained you in insurance matters? Insurers? Their Agents? Or a consumer advocate?
  • Did you buy insurance based on price or the known habits of the insurer? 
  • If you bought the cheapest insurance you could find, do you really expect to get the highest claim settlement without a fight? Are you well prepared for that argument?
  • Are you sick of paying for insurance coverage you don't understand or need?
  • When your car gets creamed, do you have a to-do list and know the RIGHT road to recovery?
  • Who are you going to call first for help and information, and why?
  • How do you know when insurer, their Agent or adjuster is lying or tricking you?
  • Do you know how to find and manage a craftsman who can safely rebuild your vehicle?
  • Do you want your car fixed with phony imitation parts and underpaid labor?
  • Do you want to save a lot of abuse, money, time and pain before and after insurance?
  • When your car is stolen or declared a "total loss" by the insurer who offers to pay you $2,400 less than your car was worth, what can you do about this?
  • If you get injured do you know how to find and negotiate with a personal injury Attorney?


Hello Car, Truck, RV, Boat and Aircraft Owners,

How would you feel if I showed you a perfect way to make insurance companies or their commissioned Agents BID on your insurance so you can really be in charge of reducing your premiums without losing any benefits?

Sound difficult? It's NOT! In fact, these techniques are much easier and better for you than calling them on the phone or even using the Internet.

You see, insurers invented the insurance game and their rules. Therefore, by default, you have been trained to play their game because you did not have any other choice. Until now.

There is a much better and cheaper way to manage insurance costs and the claim process. Yet, insurers and their Agents are NEVER going to teach you how to beat them at their game. 



Insurance companies want your money and they compete viciously to get it.

To get the most from your pocket, they must keep you thinking their way.

EXAMPLE: They want you to believe that their commissioned sales Agents are your agents. Not true. Consumers don't have agents. If we did they would be called Consumer 's Agents and we would pay them. 

The last person consumers should rely on for advice and guidance are insurers and their commissioned agents. They are the very worst people to ask or to learn from. What they do is tell you that you are lucky that they take your money and that they care about you. I don't think so.

Let's get one thing straight right now.

I DO NOT SELL INSURANCE, nor do I work for insurers or their commissioned Agents.

(Notice I said THEIR AGENTS. )

To begin to conquer insurance ignorance, think of insurance Agents as IRS Agents. They do NOT represent your interests. When managing your insurance and claims, this basic truth is the primary thing to remember if you want to get and stay in control of your costs and time. 

You are your own AGENT!

Now, why should you listen to me instead of them? Who am I and what can I do for you that they can't?

My business is ProActive Crisis Management. In addition to consulting and professional speaking on Crisis and Risk Management, I produce adult education material for people who want to take charge of their affairs.

My favorite and the most useful book for vehicle owners is.........

Car Insurance Secrets

If you own a vehicle of any kind or age, the information in Car Insurance Secrets is guaranteed to save you many dollars and lots of your precious time over a lifetime. 


Car Insurance Secrets gives you critical information to save your money, time and grief. It will empower you.

Look at the photo below. What if this happened to your car this morning?

What would your do first and
How would you do it and
When would your car be back to normal?

These are tough questions that are better answered today rather than later.


If you are stil not convinced, please read a recent letter I received from an Attorney in NYC.

Dear Mr. Alford: 

I have to tell you that after reading your book, "Car Insurance Secrets" I just had to call 3 insurance agents I know and ask them a few questions.

Using your recommendations, I reduced my insurance by 37% and the Agent, my nephew does not have a clue of how I did it.

From your book I learned a lot but the most impressive is this. A consumer who has been educated by you becomes an insurance agent's worst nightmare.

I have been practicing law for 20 years and I have never thought of your techniques. Now I realize that I was trained by insurers, rather than educated in insurance matters.

Please send me 4 more books, I want my children to read your work and modify their thinking like I have.

A real fan,

Paul Buther
Brooklyn NY

I don't know about you, but I love the idea of being able to manage insurers and their Agents, which translates into managing the cost and effectiveness of your insurance.

I like the idea of you and me, as consumers, taking control of our insurance costs and being able to manage the people who sell insurance. Commissioned Agents.

Most consumers want to understand and learn about their insurance cost, yet they don' have anywhere to turn. Despite the enormous amount of our income that goes to insurance, it is not a topic that is taught in high school or college. We get all of our information about insurance from the insurance industry. 

Is that fair?

What we consumers get is TRAINING from insurers but never EDUCATION.

Insurers and their Agents invest billions of our premium dollars training us to listen to them for advice. What is the most common advice commissioned Agents give? BUY MORE INSURANCE.

Yes, most consumers are powerless when it comes to buying insurance or dealing with a claim because the insurer's only agenda is to collect premiums and pay little or nothing.

If you were the president of an insurance company, you too, would want ignorant customers.

Here is another letter from a reader

Ok, Ok, I could go on for days or weeks telling you about the good people who took the time to read "Car Insurance Secrets" and used the information to their advantage.

If you don't manage insurers, insurers will manage you, your money, your time and sanity.

It is time to act and take charge now


The information is so good that I will make you this promise. If you don't save at least $100.00 on your insurance cost after doing what I recommend, I will refund the purchase price immediately. The one thing I can't stand is unhappy or ignorant customers.

I trust that Car Insurance Secrets will serve you and yours well and look forward to working with you in the future to increase your insurance know-how and reduce your insurance costs.

I wish you the very best,
Ron Alford

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